July 19, 2018

Zayn Malik Selling House He Bought Perrie’s Mum

Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik reportedly wants former fiancée Perrie Edwards’ mum to leave the £250,000 house he bought her so he can sell it.

The former One Direction singer – who was in a relationship with the Little Mix beauty for four years – is said to be planning to offload the property so needs Debbie Edwards to move out of the three-bedroom abode, which he purchased for her in 2014 while was dating Perrie.

A friend told The Sun newspaper: “Zayn wants Debbie out. He has told her he wants the house back and ordered her to leave.

“He wants rid of every last trace of Perrie from his life.

“He has issued Debbie with an ultimatum – get out or he will take her to court.

“She is still living in the house right now but because it is registered in his name she has no hope of beating him in a legal battle. She is going to have to move out.”

However, Debbie is not going to be homeless as she’s said to be in talks about purchasing a property with her boyfriend so will move out of the house Zayn bought, which is in Dorset, south west England, when she completes on the deal.

A spokesman for the 23-year-old hunk – who is now dating model Gigi Hadid after splitting from Perrie last summer – said: “Debbie is still living in the house. Zayn has very generously allowed her to live there for the past couple of years.

“But she’s buying a house with her boyfriend so will be moving out once it completes.”

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