November 21, 2018

YouTube’s Matthew Santoro claims fat shaming ex abused him in shock video

YOUTUBE star Matthew Santoro has accused his ex-girlfriend of abusing him emotionally and physically in a shocking 15-minute YouTube clip.

The filmmaker, best known for his comedy ‘vlogs’ on YouTube, has alleged his former partner and fellow internet star Nicole Arbour isolated him from his friends and punched him in the face.

Santoro, who has 580 million views on his clips, opened up in an emotional statement about his relationship with Arbour of ‘Dear Fat People’ fame.

He said: “This individual I was with was extremely jealous, viciously jealous.”

“If I had a female friend, I must have been cheating on her with them.”

He added: “Domestic violence knows no gender – It happens to men and women.”

Santoro claimed when he tried to leave the relationship after having a panic attack, the alleged abuse became physical.

In a tearful video he claimed: “And it’s something that men never talk about, because we’re made to believe that we’re supposed to be strong.

“I never talked about it because I thought that no one would believe me, no one would give a s**t, and it’s sad that we live in a society where people have to feel like they’re supposed to keep quiet about these things. And it’s wrong.”

Santoro doesn’t name his alleged abuser, but he was known to be dating the Canadian comedian.

She has been accused of endorsing fat shaming in her video about fat people which attracted more than 9million views.

Strongly denying and mocking the claims, Arbour said: “Damn right I beat him!!…at Scrabble, Wii, chess, pretty much everything!!” and “If you are being abused, get help. If you are making up lies to get back at someone for breaking up with u six months ago. Also get help.”

She has also accused him of attempting to ruin her YouTube stardom and said: “His video that he just put out is just another way to hurt me, and my career that’s growing quickly.”

However, some subscribers to her videos reacted badly to her latest upload with one commenting: “Nicole, u are hurting urself BIG TIME by uploading this especially since ur lying… not cool… no one believes you about this… its REALLY sad u made this. I thought u were a good person… goodbye.”

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