June 21, 2018

‘Wolverine 3’ May Also Aim for R Rating


A leaked image suggests that Hugh Jackman’s third and final solo Wolverine movie may be rated R.

Following the success of R-rated “Deadpool”, another movie based on Marvel Comics may aim for the similar rating. According to a pamphlet that Fox handed out during its Toy Fair presentation, the upcoming third Wolverine movie might be rated R.

As the pamphlet mentioned the “anticipated rating” for the movie, it suggests that the studio’s strongly considering it but nothing has been set in stone. The pamphlet also reveals a supposed logo for the third solo Wolverine movie.

Wolverine III will be rated R

There could be more R-rated superhero comic book movies in the future as Simon Kinberg recently said that “X-Force” movie could also be rated R. The “X-Men” producer/writer said, ” ‘X-Force’ I could see being R-rated, and who knows?”

James Gunn, meanwhile, has expressed his concern that some studios might try to replicate the success of “Deadpool” in the wrong ways. The “Guardians of the Galaxy” director wrote on Facebook on Monday, February 15, “Over the next few months, if you pay attention to the trades, you’ll see Hollywood misunderstanding the lesson they should be learning with Deadpool. They’ll be green lighting films ‘like Deadpool’ – but, by that, they won’t mean ‘good and original’ but ‘a raunchy superhero film’ or ‘it breaks the fourth wall.’ They’ll treat you like you’re stupid, which is the one thing Deadpool didn’t do.”

“The Wolverine 3”, to be directed by James Mangold, will be the last movie in which Hugh Jackman plays the clawed-mutant. It is set for a March 3, 2017 release in the U.S.

In other news, “Deadpool” star Ryan Reynolds recently crashed a press junket for Hugh Jackman’s “Eddie the Eagle” in which the Canadian hunk asked the Australian actor silly questions, all in good fun.

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