November 21, 2018

WATCH: El Chapo’s goons and Mexican soldiers in SHOOTOUT just before drug lord’s capture

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THIS is the dramatic moment Mexican marines are involved in a bloody shootout before capturing the world’s most wanted drug lord.

The tense video shows the marines mobilising outside Joaquin Guzman’s, also known as El Chapo, hideaway in Los Mochis, Mexico.

As the soldiers surround El Chapo, heavy gunfire can be heard followed by shouts of “security upstairs” – in reference to the men guarding the notorious drug trafficker.

One of the marines was injured during the gunfight as another throws several grenades into the room where El Chapo is hiding.

After firing off several rounds, the soldiers then advance into the sparse room, where the marines found two dead bodies.

A third criminal was taken alive while a fourth suspect was captured in a ground-floor bedroom.

While sweeping the hideout, marines found a woman cowering on the ground in a bathroom and she tells them there are six further people upstairs.

The 15-minute long footage ends with the man in charge of the bloody operation saying: “We have one man dead and two women and two men alive.

“We are continuing to check the property.”

The scene was captured on Friday during a three-hour operation to capture the drug lord.

However El Chapo himself doesn’t appear in the footage.

El Chapo, who was once named Public Enemy Number One in the US, escaped from the maximum security jail near Mexico City in July before being recaptured on Friday.

The 58-year-old is now being held at Altiplano Prison in central Mexico and he is expected to be extradited to the states to face multiple drugs charges.

He was captured near the house after escaping through the sewer system.

Mexican authorities have also revealed they want to speak to actor Sean Penn after it emerged he met the narcotics baron at a secret location in the Mexican jungle.

During the interview with Mr Penn, the drug lord declared: “I supply more heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine and marijuana than anybody else in the world.”

Mexican authorities have attributed more than 30,000 deaths to El Chapo’s drug reign.

Five of El Chapo’s lieutenants were killed in the raid to arrest him.

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