June 24, 2018

WATCH: Cruel or HILARIOUS? Prankster drags friend into LAKE as he sleeps on airbed


THIS is the hilarious but cruel moment an online joker dragged his friend sleeping soundly on an air mattress in to a LAKE and watched him float away.

Joker Ben Phillips, 22, filmed himself and an accomplice pulling Elliot Giles from his tent while he slept.

The prankster from Bridgend in Wales then pushed the inflatable into a nearby lake and laughed as the 18-year-old floated away into the distance.

A confused Mr Giles is then filmed waking up in a daze before he attempted to shimmy back to dry land.

However, it only got worse for the hapless teenager as when he attempted to stand up, he fell into the lake before quickly dragging himself up and out of the chilly waters.

The hilarious video ended with Mr Giles shouting hysterically at his friends and complaining that he could have got hypothermia.

However an unapologetic Mr Phillips simply stood there in hysterics claiming that the tide pulled his friend into the lake.

Mr Philips is a professional prankster who has notched up millions of views onliine, including on his Vine and the BenPhillipsUK Facebook page.

This isn’t the first time an unsuspecting Mr Giles has fallen victim to his joker friend.

Mr Phillips recently dropped a water balloon weighing two kilos on to his private parts and stuck an ice cream cone on to his head to make him look like a unicorn.

Speaking to MailOnline in the past, Mr Phillips said: “At first Elliot wasn’t happy but he’s numb to it all now.

“He always freaks out and goes over the top. But he just gets on with it.

“He’s one of my oldest mates, an old family friend. And I think he secretly enjoys the attention.”

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