April 23, 2018

Vin Diesel Announces ‘Riddick’ Sequel, TV Spinoff

Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel is getting ready to bring back Riddick to the big screen and debut its small screen companion. In an Instagram post on Friday, November 20, the actor confirms that the second sequel to the “Riddick” chronicles is in the works along with the TV spin-off.

“Last night Our company had a party to launch Our TV division. Very exciting,” he wrote before adding, ” ‘MERC CITY’ is a show that will follow the Mercs and Bounty Hunters of the Riddick Universe.” He said director/screenwriter David Twohy will begin writing “the next Chapter in the Chronicles of Riddick” which is titled “FURIA” next month.

The second installment in the franchise saw Diesel’s Riddick stranded on a planet populated by predatory alien race. The movie had a loose end when Riddick’s emergency call alerted the attention of a mercenary ship and another containing a man from his past.

Back in 2009, Twohy had envisioned the third movie as being bolder. “I’ve sketched out two ideas for the next installment,” Twohy said in an interview. “Vin and I have decided on one approach of those two, and there’s some interest at the studio level but it would be as a PG-13 film, and we don’t want to do that anymore. That’s one of the concessions we thought we made with ‘Riddick’ that we shouldn’t have made.”

As of the TV series, there’s not much known about it except that Diesel’s production company, One Race Films, has a TV division that will handle the series.

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