June 25, 2018

US Officials Prevented British Muslim Family To Visit Disneyland, Alleges Lawmaker

British Muslim family was prevented from flying to Disneyland by US Officials. (File Photo)

LONDON:  Prime Minister David Cameron’s office says he will investigate a lawmaker’s claim that US officials prevented a British Muslim family from flying to Disneyland for a planned holiday.

Stella Creasy, a member of the opposition Labour Party, says US officials gave no explanation for refusing to allow her constituents to board a flight from Gatwick Airport. She told The Guardian newspaper this is part of a larger pattern affecting British Muslims, and that a lack of information from US officials is sparking resentment among Muslims.

The issue is sensitive in part because US presidential contender Donald Trump has called for a temporary ban on Muslims visiting the US due to concerns about extremist attacks.

Cameron’s office said he would look into the matter.

US Embassy officials declined immediate comment today.

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