June 21, 2018

Una Healy cannot remember life before motherhood

Una Healy

Una Healy has forgotten what her life was like before she became a mother.

The 34-year-old beauty – who has two children, a four-year-old daughter called Aoife Belle and a 17-month-old son called Tadhg John, with her sports star husband Ben Foden – has admitted it is tough to balance her responsibilities as a parent with her pop career.

She shared: “I’ve forgotten what life was like before having kids! I’m multi-tasking all the time, because if I’m going anywhere, doing anything, I have to think of them.

“It’s a juggling act and there’s no method to it. You just have to try your best. Ben’s life is a bit more structured and scheduled than mine. He’s very hands-on with the kids and is brilliant. He plays with them while I do the washing and cooking.

“I think my kids will always remember me for working and for them being a part of it all. Aofie is always telling me to pick up a guitar and play her a song. She’ll then sing and dance around to it.”

Meanwhile, Una also revealed her bemusement at the storm created by her decision to revert back to her maiden name for work.

She told The Sun on Sunday newspaper: “I gave [Ben] a heads-up and said I really wanted to go back to Healy for work. He was fine about it and found the speculation funny. I still use Foden for when I’m at home and for personal things.

“I’m definitely not the first person to use my maiden name for career reasons and it feels right.”

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