April 19, 2018

Ukip will end Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour leadership

Nigel Farage has warned Jeremy Corbyn that he will end his career as Labour leader as the Ukip leader said his party is closing in on a shock victory in the Oldham West by-election.

Campaigning in a seat where Labour “should weigh the vote”, Mr Farage said that his party is “taking big numbers” of Labour supporters making Thursday’s result “very very tight”.

And with young and older voters both warming to his message on immigration and borders control, Mr Farage revealed that he had new evidence that the Labour vote across the country is collapsing because of the Corbyn effect.

He produced polling evidence by former Labour leader Ed Miliband’s ex-adviser Ian Warren which he said showed 50 per cent of those who voted Labour in the humiliating general election defeat in May will desert the party.

The Ukip leader was campaigning in the Oldham West and Royton by-election with his party’s candidate John Bickley in a contest called following the death of Labour veteran Michael Meacher.

The high profile events at the Tommyfield Market and Oldham College in a rain sodden Lancashire former mill town contrasted with the low key presence of the Labour campaign who candidate Jim McMahon was condemned for allegedly describing Ukip voters as “rejects” on Twitter.

According to sources the beleaguered Labour leadership is struggling to persuade MPs to go and help campaign because of dissatisfaction with Mr Corbyn.

However, yesterday Oldham born East Ham Labour MP Stephen Timms turned up but admitted to be “not sure” about the result.a

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