March 24, 2018

‘UK, Russia can defeat ISIL together’

Russian Ambassador to Great Britain Alexander Yakovenko

Russia’s ambassador to the UK says Moscow and London can join hands and defeat Daesh (ISIL) terrorist group together as they once aligned to defeat Nazism.

The present situation requires the same foresight, determination and willingness to make common cause, while pushing everything else aside. ISIL and other terrorists, who act under various guises, hate humanity and everything our world is based on,” Alexander Yakovenko in an article published by the Telegraph newspaper.

He described ISIL as a “horrible and opportunistic” combination of extremism and Saddam-era military expertise.

His comments come as the Tory government is lobbying to convince members of the opposition Labour lawmakers to back possible UK airstrikes over Syria.

A Commons vote is expected to take place as early as next week.

According to the Telegraph, nearly half of Labour MPs will support Prime Minister David Cameron’s plans to bomb ISIL terrorists in Syria.

115 Labour MPs are said to be preparing to support the motion allowing British fighter jets to bomb targets in Syria.

This comes against the backdrop of Labour Party leader’s opposition to any possible military action in Syria.

Jeremy Corbyn has already rejected the plan, warning against the repercussions of any possible military intervention in Syria.

Corbyn is now facing the biggest crisis of his leadership, with some Labour MPs backing Cameron’s war plans.

Meanwhile, anti-war activists are holding protest rallies against possible airstrikes.

The rallies have been organized by the Stop the War coalition and are expected to gain steam in coming weeks.source: PressTV

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