March 18, 2018

UK accused Turkey of blackmailing over £2BILLION demand to allow migrants

UK has accused Turkey of holding Britain and the EU to ransom after it demanded £2BILLION every year or else it would open the floodgates for millions of migrants to enter Europe.

European leaders signed off the huge cash payout and agreed to allow visa-free travel for Turkey’s 75million citizens across the continent as part of a package of reforms to placate the country’s president.

Turkey said it needed the money to help it stem the growing influx of refugees trying to reach Europe.

But rather that it being a one-off payment, it has now emerged that president Recep Erdogan wants the EU to stump up the same amount EVERY YEAR in return for his country keeping millions of migrants at bay.

Britain will contribute £260million towards the first tranche of cash, with taxpayers likely to be stung for similar amounts in the future.

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