November 21, 2018

UFO captured on film ’emerging from space-time portal in the sky’

UFO believers claim a mysterious event over Australia was a UFO coming out of a portal from another dimension.

Footage of otherworldly lights over the capital city Canberra have set tongues wagging in the alien chaser online community.

The event caught on camera is said to show the “expanding brilliance of a ball of light” and the “the doughnut-shaped afterglow” which believers claimed suggested a UFO had exitited a worm hole or space-time inter-dimensional portal.

YouTube user, David Tefler, claimed to have previously seen a flying saucer enter a portal.

He concluded about the latest event: “I’d say that this was a craft exiting a portal.”

Australian astronomers and meteorologists have dismissed it as a mega case of ball lightening, but fellow believer Jakka Warren had none of it.

He said: “They wanna tell me it’s a ball of lightning, nice try fools.”

The debate became quite pseudo scientific with technical discussions about the alleged off-the-planet technology being used.

Some spoke of “Einstein–Rosen bridge stargate” devices, and how alines may use them to hurdle normal barriers of space and time.

An aurora-like red and blue hue was of particular concern, with claims that was proof enough it was a UFO exiting a worm hole.

Mr Tefler said he had seen “a saucer open a portal up close” and that “there was no light on the end it went into. I’d say that was a craft exiting a portal.”

Ball lightening is an unusual atmospheric, more Earthly phenomenon, that itself is disputed by some scientists as there is no real explanation of why it happens.

Brad Tucker, astronomer at the Australian National University, said: “If it was a portal phenomenon they might visit somewhere more active than Canberra.”

But he said the video did not appear to be a hoax and concurred with the ball lightening explanation.

But alien believers just brushed aside the intervention as an attempted UFO cover up by the authorities.

They also jumped on the fact scientists use ball lightening to explain the unexplainable when ball lightening itself cannot be explained.

Other sceptics just said the video was a hoax.

Reddit user the uploader said: “You managed to fool a lot of r*****s.”

But others thought it was genuine.

Another Reddit user added: “I don’t think it’s fake. If you freeze frame for the flash the whole environment gets lit up in a way you would expect it to.”

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