March 24, 2019

Top skater to quit The Nutcracker on Ice at the Royal Albert Hall

A SPECTACULAR production of The Nutcracker On Ice will open at London’s Royal Albert Hall three days after Christmas.

Nearly 50 skaters and technicians will spend the festive season gearing up for 12 performances of the award-winning show by international touring troupe The Imperial Ice Stars, with state-ofthe-art projections and breathtaking flying sequences being specially prepared for their visit to the UK.

However, the demands of being a member of the renowned ice dance company have proved too much for one of its leading skaters. Iuliia Odintcova, who plays Queen Rat in The Nutcracker On Ice, will bow out after the London run to spend more time with her son, saying: “I cannot take any more, I have given in my notice.”

Iuliia, 33, added: “My son, Danilo, is 11. His father and I divorced when he was six months old and he lives with my parents.

“I am the only one in the family who can pay the bills but I must also get to know my son before it is too late.”

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