April 25, 2019

Top Polish politician BLASTS Cameron’s drive to SLASH migrant benefits before EU vote

A TOP Polish politician has told the Foreign Secretary everyone living in Britain should be given equal welfare benefits.

Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said migrants’ access to handouts is one of the issues that will determine the outcome” of the in/out EU referendum.

The Government wants people coming to the UK to “live here and contribute for four years” before they claim in-work benefits or social housing, he added.

But at a meeting Witold Waszczykowski, Poland’s minister of foreign affairs, said everyone in the 28-member bloc should enjoy equal treaty freedoms.

He said: “We have discussed the whole package of proposals put forward by Prime Minister David Cameron as regards reform of the European Union.

Mr Waszczykowski added: “We believe that all inhabitants of the European Union should enjoy equal treaty freedoms.

“We also believe that all inhabitants of the United Kingdom should enjoy equal welfare benefits.”

Mr Hammond said he expects the European Commission to circulate proposals to EU member states “within the next couple of weeks”.

He added: “Our position is well known, our requests of the European Union in this area are well known.”

Mr Camero’’s other proposed reforms include setting a target for the reduction of the “burden” of excessive Brussels regulation.

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