June 20, 2018

Tom Watson and Corbyn not resign over ISIS

Tom Watson and Corbyn will not resign over Isis. Tom Watson backs military action over Isis and he is joining opposition to Corbyn.

Despite being at odds with party leader over airstrikes, both shadow cabinet members say they will not resign.

Labour’s deputy leader, Tom Watson, has weighed in behind the shadow foreign secretary, Hilary Benn, in opposition to Jeremy Corbyn over airstrikes in Syria, arguing that the security threat of Isis needs to be dealt with by military action.

Watson said he agreed with the assessment of Benn, who has said it is “very important we play our part” in taking action against Isis.

Stressing that he, like Corbyn, had been elected by the party, Watson said: “The shadow cabinet had a long debate about how we can support the prime minister in his attempts to keep the country secure, and Hilary Benn gave a very clear explanation that he thinks there is an imminent security threat to the UK and I agree with him on this, but we will come to our decision on Monday with our colleagues over the weekend and we’ll inform you on Monday.”

Despite being at odds with their party leader, both Benn and Watson dismissed the idea that they would resign over the matter, arguing that it would not come to that.

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