February 22, 2019

Thugs hunted disabled man ‘like a pack of ANIMALS’ until he threw himself from WINDOW

A GANG of heartless thugs drove a disabled man to jump from a window fearing for his life.

Helpless Ivor Miller, 27, was labelled a beast as a the brutes hunted him “like a pack of animals” through Glasgow.

Miller tried to seek refuge in several pubs before he was viciously assaulted.

He was left with no option but to jump out of a window in a derelict flat where he suffered severe injuries.

Three thugs, 21-year-old Michael Clare, Ryan Milne, 18, and a 17-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, were originally charged with attempted murder.

But the brutes had their guilty pleas accepted, reducing the charge.

All three admitted assaulting Miller by chasing him into a Glasgow street.

Judge Norman Ritchie sentenced the 17-year-old to six months’ detention for assault.

Four other gang members – including 23-year-old David Newlands – admitted committing a breach of the peace and placing Miller in a state of fear and alarm.

Newlands also pleaded guilty to punching the victim on the head in the Hootenanny pub in Howard Street.

Jade Park, 19, ignited the callous attack at the Four Corners Pub calling Miller a “beast”.

She then punched him in Jamaica Street and in the Crystal Palace pub.

Mr Miller did not hit back but walked away down Jamaica Street, Glasgow High Court heard.

He hid under tables in the pub before being thrown out despite his pleas, forcing him to eventually run into the flat where he was hunted by the three thugs.

Prosecuting, Bruce Erroch said: “Mr Miller ran up the stairs and came to the door of a derelict flat and forced it. Inside the flathe had no means of escape and was in fear that he would be harmed.

“He does not recall – and the Crown does not allege – that anyone used violence or threatened him with violence.

“For reasons which cannot be explained, the complainer then threw himself from a front window, landing on the ground in Howard Street, causing him to sustain severe injury.”

Judge Ritchie QC said: “This whole incident, some of which was captured on CCTV, is extremely disturbing.

“The group, like a pack of animals, turned on an entirely innocent young man for no good reason other than he behaved differently because he has learning difficulties.”

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