February 16, 2019

TERROR ON THE STREETS: ISIS ‘to unleash co-ordinated wave of ATTACKS on EUROPEAN CITIES’

ISIS militants are set to launch a “series of coordinated attacks across European cities” in a plan to replicate Paris terror on the streets of other countries.

The terror blitz will be happen “all at once” according to a former propaganda mastermind of the Islamic State group.

The jihadist group, also termed Daesh, plan to turn the streets of European cities into bloody carnage.

British authorities are concerned that the recent wave of migrants across Europe could set the stage for pan-European terror.

The horrifying plan has been revealed after a former Daesh identified only as Harry S escaped the terror group and is now being questioned by authorities in Germany.

The 27-year-old once appeared in a propaganda video after the jihadists seized the city of Palmyra in May.

He told German intelligence officers that senior ISIS commanders asked him, along with other fighters, if he would “bring jihad back to their homeland”.

He then detailed a plan to carry out a Europe-wide terror attack.

He said: ”They want something that happens everywhere at the same time.

“All you need is to take a big knife, and go down to the streets and slighter every infidel you encounter.”

The German jihadist witnessed beheadings and executions in Syria for three months but fled after he could no longer stand its brutality.

Harry S admitted he had been leading mass executions and holding weekly ideological training sessions in Raqqa.

In a video in May, he was spotted with the Islamic State flag before other German-speaking militants called on supporters across the world to kill “infidels”.

The video ended with the militants shooting two prisoners dead.

Harry S now stands accused of membership of a terror group and faces a lengthy prison sentence if convicted.

Germany’s domestic intelligence agency believes more than 700 Germans have joined ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

The disturbing revelation comes as ISIS released a gruesome new execution video that shows a man in a blue jumpsuit – alleged to be a Saudi ‘collaborator” – being shot in the face.

Daesh yesterday declared war on Saudi Arabia, after the Middle East’s wealthiest nation claimed to have formed a 34-bloc military task force aimed at destroying the group.

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