November 21, 2018

Teen devastated as speech signed by Barack Obama ‘stolen from her car and thrown in bin’

A TEENAGER was left devastated after a speech signed by Barack Obama was allegedly stolen from her car.

Koendrae Ricks, 17, allegedly tossed away a speech by student Che’dra Joseph introducing the President as he broke into a number of cars at McKinley High.

The speech was in the textbook of Joseph, who was introducing Obama on his visit to a town hall.

Police say Ricks was trying to get his hands on cash and credit cards and it is not clear whether the teenager knew what was in the book.

It was allegedly stolen following a basketball game at the high school.

Ms Joseph said: “It was in a book, so nobody really knew that it would be in there, and I really doubt that he would go through my books, because it was my schoolbag that he took.”

She revealed she contacted the White House in a bid to get another signed copy of her speech – but police have no found the original copy after it had been thrown in the bin.

Baton Rouge Police officers said they found the bookbag with the speech inside while digging through a skip in the area as part of their investigation.

Joseph added: “They called me when I was getting my window done, and they told me they found your bag, and they found your speech, so everything was good by then.”

Police said Ricks was caught after he used a credit card stolen from one of the vehicles to buy t-shirts from a Family Dollar store and tried to get cash back from the card.

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