April 21, 2018

Taylor Swift donates $1 million to Louisiana Flood Relief

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has donated $1 million to Louisiana Flood Relief.

The 26-year-old singer songwriter has offered the large sum of money to help the people who have been affected by the natural disaster, which has killed at least 11 people, in the American state as it has left her feeling “heartbroken”.

Speaking about the impact of the widespread devastation and the south eastern US area in a statement, the blonde beauty said: “We began The 1989 World Tour in Louisiana, and the wonderful fans there made us feel completely at home. The fact that so many people in Louisiana have been forced out of their own homes this week is heartbreaking.”

And the musician has urged everyone to help in whatever way they can, whether it is donating money or sending their love and well wishes to the families who have loved and lost.

The Pennsylvania-born star continued: “I encourage those who can to help out and send your love and prayers their way during this devastating time.”

The Governor has since called a state emergency in Louisiana, which has seen over 20,000 people rescued since the flooding began.

And the charitable star has recently offered a “very generous donation” to African Parks organisation.

Taylor retweeted a post by the company which read: “Thank you @TaylorSwift13 for your very generous donation to @AfricanParks on #WorldElephantDay (sic).”

Meanwhile, Taylor has taken the time out of her busy schedule to spend some quality time with her family and do some “major gardening”.

Speaking previously, Taylor – who is currently dating ‘The Night Manager’ actor Tom Hiddleston – said: “Doing some major gardening. This is what we used to do, back on the farm.”

But it appears the ‘Style’ hitmaker’s parents have started growing different vegetables to what they used to harvest back in the day as Taylor added: “Except not with kale.”

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