April 21, 2018

Syrian refugees from Lebanon to be allowed in UK

Syrian refugees from Lebanon arriving in the UK may be allowing. They may not come from refugee camps or be vetted as strictly as Prime Minister David Cameron previously promised, it was today admitted.

Richard Harrington MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Syrian Refugees, said he would not discriminate against “vulnerable” asylum seekers if they want to apply come into the country.

He also said only around 30 per cent of eligible Syrian asylum seekers across Lebanon, Jordan, and Turkey, were staying on the refugee camps Mr Cameron vowed they would be chosen from.

He said many families were living in fields, small villages and even renting rooms spread out across the countries, some with up to eight children each.

His admissions, to the International Development Committee today, appeared to fly in the face of previous assurances given by Mr Cameron that all those allowed in would be UNHCR vetted and from designated refugee camps.

He said: “Here we are, less than a fortnight after the atrocities in Paris where we know some of the perpetrators came into France pretending to be refugees through the EU’s non existent border controls, and our own Government admit they have weakened the rules on people who may well be extremists.

“Why they consider the speeding up of people who have not had proper security clearance and who could easily have been infiltrated by ISIS’s Islamic extremists is more important than protecting British citizens is something the government needs to explain.”

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