January 19, 2019

Syria air strikes vote to be held in House of Commons—David Cameron

David Cameron has said that he will call a one day debate and vote on air strikes in Syria in the House of Commons on Wednesday.

Mr Cameron announced the debate will take place after Prime Minister’s Questions.

The announcement comes as leader of the opposition Jeremy Corbyn indicated he would give Labour MPs a free vote on the bombing raids on Islamic State (ISIS) jihadis in Syria.

Mr Cameron said the vote to extend air strikes in Iraq to Syria is “the right thing to do” and said “we must answer the call from our allies”.

In a statement at 10 Downing Street, Mr Cameron said he would put his plan to Cabinet at its regular meeting on Tuesday.

He said: “I can announce that I will be recommending to Cabinet tomorrow that we hold a debate and a vote in the House of Commons to extend the air strikes that we have carried out against Isil in Iraq to Syria, that we answer the call from our allies and work with them because Isil is a threat to our country and this is the right thing to do.”

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