July 19, 2018

Suspects arrested in NYE terror plot as police find ‘ISIS propaganda and military clothes’

BELGIAN police have arrested two people suspected of plotting an attack in Brussels on New Year’s Eve, federal prosecutors said.

During house searches in Brussels and a neighbouring province as well as Liege, a total of six people had been taken in for questioning but four of them had been released, they said today.

Police found military clothing and Islamic State propaganda material but no weapons or explosives and the searches were not linked to the attacks in Paris in November, which killed 130 people, prosecutors said.

The arrests were made in two different parts of the country on Sunday and Monday.

It comes as European security agencies have been put on high alert after a warning from a “friendly” intelligence service was handed to Austrian police on Sunday.

It has prompted police across the continent to increase security measures in a bid to prevent a Paris copycat attack on an unknown location in Europe.

As reported by express.co.uk two days ago, the warning made specific mention of the threat to shoppers and revellers in “crowded spaces” and warned that the strike could take place between Christmas and New Year.

European cities have been on high alert since last month’s terror attacks in Paris which killed 130 people.

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