June 19, 2018

Supreme Court choice Neil Gorsuch draws Democrat opposition

jkLeading Democrats have come out in staunch opposition to Donald Trump’s nomination of Neil Gorsuch for the vacant position on the Supreme Court.
President Trump named the Colorado appeals court judge on Tuesday to replace the late Antonin Scalia.
Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer said he had “very serious doubts” about Judge Gorsuch’s nomination.
Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren accused the nominee of siding with large companies over American workers.
Two of Judge Gorsuch’s most high-profile appeals court rulings saw him side with business owners who objected on religious grounds to funding birth control via staff insurance plans.
If confirmed by the Senate, Judge Gorsuch, 49, would restore the court’s conservative 5-4 majority, lost when Justice Scalia died.
The court has the final legal word on many of the most sensitive US issues, including abortion, gender rights and gun control.
House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi called Mr Trump’s nominee “a very hostile appointment” and “a very bad decision, well outside the mainstream of American legal thought”.
Former Democrat presidential contender Bernie Sanders said Judge Gorsuch “must explain his hostility to women’s rights, support of corporations over workers and opposition to campaign finance reform”.

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