June 21, 2018

Super storm warning for Britain

This ominous picture describes the ferocious storm running with high speed towards the UK, where it is forecasted to leave a massive 19-inches of snow and up to a foot of rain across a forbidding fortnight.

All of England and Wales will remain under a two-day yellow “be aware” warning, as fierce gales hurtle in from the Atlantic – stirring up giant waves and even uprooting trees.

Towns including Bognor Regis, Portsmouth and parts of Ayrshire have been forced to suspend their festive plans because of the blustery weather.

It is predicted Britain will be battered by winds as high as 70mph, prompting the Met Office to issue wind and ice warnings for the entire country.

The menacing picture of the approaching storm – dubbed Clodagh – was taken by a NASA satellite moving across the Atlantic yesterday.

But Scotland is set to be the worst-hit part of the country, with motorists facing major disruptions on the road in the north after it was predicted up to 19-inches of snow will fall on higher ground over the next 24 hours.

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