March 22, 2018

‘Suicide Squad’ Fans Want to Shut Down Rotten Tomatoes Over Negative Reviews

Hardcore fans argue that the DC antihero movie is ‘a really great movie’ and accuse critics of giving ‘unjust bad reviews.’

“Suicide Squad” has got hardcore fans from moviegoers while gaining a slew of negative reviews from critics since its early screening this week. One fan even went so far as to launch a petition to shut down Rotten Tomatoes in an attempt to fight the critics.

Over 17,000 people have signed the petition. “We need this site to be shut down because It’s Critics always give The DC Extended Universe movies unjust Bad Reviews,” so the petition reads. “And that Affects people’s opinion even if it’s a really great movies (sic).”

The DC antihero movie directed by David Ayer receives 29% approval rating on the aggregate site from dozens of critics from movie sites all over the internet. Poll, however, shows that 98% of Rotten Tomatoes users still “want to see” the movie despite the poor reviews.

Besides moaning about the “rotten” rating gained by the team of DC delinquents, the petitioner slams the unfavorable reviews received by previous DC flick “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”. The movie got 27% approval rating from critics and 65% score from audience.

In comparison, DC’s rival Marvel got a glowing reception on Rotten Tomatoes for its latest superhero adaptation. “Captain America: Civil War” received 90% rating from both critics and audience.

“Suicide Squad” is mostly criticized for its choppy editing and thinly-written characters. Many moviegoers are also disappointed to find out that Jared Leto’s The Joker only had little screen time. Will Smith’s Deadshot and Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn are some of the elements getting praised by critics.

The movie was initially expected to get R rating after David Ayer hinted at its dark tone. When MPAA later gave it a PG-13, the director seemed to backtrack on his original statement. He insisted that they “were always going to hit the PG-13 rating.” Rumor has it, he was pressured to lighten his original dark vision especially after the “Batman v Superman” backlash.

Regardless all those dramas, Ayer is proud of the film. “I’d prefer to die standing, than to live always on my knees,” he quoted Mexican revolution leader Emiliano Zapata in a cryptic Twitter post before explaining, “Zapata quote is my way of saying I love the movie and believe in it. Made it for the fans. Best experience of my life. [Love emoji].”

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