February 22, 2019

Stunned teen discovers unborn twin grew inside him for 18 years

A TEENAGER was left horrified when he discovered his unborn twin has been growing inside his stomach for 18 years.

The 18-year-old made the gruesome discovery after suffering from severe stomach pains for months.

Narenda Kumar was rushed to the hospital after vomiting violently.

Doctors discovered 5 pounds of bones, 6.5 feet of hair and teeth had formed in the man’s stomach.

Kumar was diagnosed with a rare condition that develops during pregnancy of twins, in which the foetus enters the other through the umbilical cord.

It then lives inside the human as a parasite.

The unborn twin was removed from Kumar, from India, after undergoing three-hour surgery which also found the bone structure of the chest and spine.

Dr Rajeev Singh, who made the gruesome discovery said: “The boy’s stomach grew, but his plight went undiscovered for years because neither his parents were of his medical condition nor the doctors could diagnose the condition at an early stage.

“Technically, the foetus was alive and was growing due to metabolic activity in his body.”

The teen is no longer in pain, and is expected to be able to return to school.

His father Prem Chandra said: “Now that it has been removed, I am relieved. He can now go back to school and lead a healthy life.”

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