May 22, 2018

Steven Spielberg reveals his Christian Bale pride

Christian Bale

Steven Spielberg takes pride in Christian Bale’s success.

The 69-year-old moviemaker worked with the Oscar-winning actor on the 1987 film ‘Empire Of The Sun’ and Spielberg admits he has invested himself in Bale’s career ever since since.

He shared: “I take great pride in young actors who started off doing films with me and have then made careers for themselves.

“Nothing Christian Bale does has ever failed to impress me. He is fearless and he was fearless when he was 12 years old. I am impressed more and more with each role he takes. But in a quiet place in my own life I’ll say, ‘That’s my boy.'”

Among the actors Spielberg has developed a particular rapport with is Harrison Ford, who starred in the ‘Indiana Jones’ franchise.

The director admitted he relished working with Ford and was always amused by what they managed to get away with.

He told the Mail on Sunday newspaper: “We always look at each other and say about the movie we are making, ‘Are we really going to get away with this?”

While making ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’, Spielberg adopted the curious idea of making biscuits alongside auditioning actors.

He recalled: “We had a place called The Egg Company that George Lucas had built right across the street from Universal Studios.

“Every actor who came in had to meet me in the kitchen. The great thing about cooking is that an actor comes in to meet the director and the actor is usually terrified, especially if they are new, inexperienced actors. Cooking just puts us all on a level playing field.”

But despite his reputation in Hollywood circles, Spielberg admitted he has been rejected by actors, also.

He confessed: “Actors turn me down; sure they do.”

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