April 18, 2019

Stephanie Davis: My baby saved my life

Stephanie Davis

Stephanie Davis believes her unborn child has saved her.

 The 23-year-old actress has admitted she was on the verge of taking her own life until she learnt she was expecting a baby with her now ex-boyfriend Jeremy McConnell, who she split from in April, and she’s now determined to beat her demons for good in order to provide for her little one, who is due in January.

Speaking to OK! magazine, she said: “This baby saved my life – I was suicidal but it’s given me something to live for.”

The former ‘Hollyoaks’ star announced she was pregnant with Jeremy’s baby two months ago but the 26-year-old hunk refuses to believe he’s the father and doesn’t want anything to do with the child once its born into the world.

Stephanie explained: “I’ll always love Jeremy but he doesn’t want to be part of our baby’s life.”

However, Jeremy is adamant he’ll deal with the situation in a “mature” manner if she proves it’s his baby, although he’s not interested in rekindling their romance any time soon.

He wrote on Twitter on Monday (11.07.16): “Everything will be dealt with accordingly and mature, but a baby doesn’t fix a toxic relationship , end of discussion (sic)”

Meanwhile, the former couple, who met in the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house in January, have been locked in copious amount of rows since their split three months ago and Stephanie has even accused the heavily inked star of putting her in hospital.

She tweeted at the time of her first scan: “I think it’s disgusting that Jeremy hasn’t turned up to scans and is constantly drunk and partying, the stress he has me under I’ve already been in hospital once with pains and stress.

“I don’t hate the lad I feel very VERY sorry him the fact that no one is getting him the help he needs. His managed should have him rehab and sorting his life out so he can be there for his child before he dies (sic).”

Jeremy has remained relatively quiet on the situation and seems to be dealing with the stress by comfort eating as he’s been scoffing calorific treats on a daily basis since the baby bombshell dropped.

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