March 20, 2019

Starbucks tax ruling appealed by Dutch finance minstry

The Dutch finance ministry says that the country will fight a ruling ordering it to recover as much as €30m (£21.2m) in tax from Starbucks.

European competition commissioner Margrethe Vestager made an order to the country to recover €20m-€30m in back taxes from the coffee chain, accusing it of benefiting from an illegal tax deal.

Starbucks has already said it would appeal against the EU’s decision.

The finance ministry said it supports the fight against tax avoidance.

However, it “greatly values its practice of offering certainty in advance,” by providing so-called tax rulings to multinational corporations, it said in a statement.

The Netherlands is under pressure to reform its tax system, which has attracted international firms with tax rates of less than 10% in some instances.

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