April 22, 2018

Southwest Airlines incidents involving Middle Eastern passengers raised criticize

A man from Philadelphia says that Airlines gate agent in Chicago told him to turn aside as because of another passenger’s worry as i was speaking Arabic.

Southwest Airlines has become the subject of criticism over reports that it singled out Muslim or Middle Eastern passengers on two flights this week, after fellow fliers said they feared for their safety if those passengers were allowed to fly.

Those passengers who made the complaints may have been especially fearful in the wake of the terrorist attacks in Paris and the downing of a Russian carrier jet in Egypt, for which the Islamic State militant group has claimed responsibility.

Comments made by a number of Republican candidates for the presidency – including poll front runners Donald Trump and Ben Carson – have stoked such fears.

Both incidents involving Southwest occurred at Chicago’s Midway airport. In one, on Wednesday night, a Philadelphia pizza shop owner and a friend said they were forced to call police for help after they were asked by a gate agent to step aside in the boarding process, because a passenger was afraid to fly with them after hearing them speak Arabic, according to NBC Philadelphia.

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