January 16, 2019

Snow-anime pop up around Japan after winter snowfalls

iceeExtraordinary snow creations of famous anime characters have been appearing all over Japan after recent snowfalls.
Less than a month before Sapporo’s famous snow festival, amateur snow sculptors have been posting pictures of their creations on social media.
Fans of the Pokemon GO mobile game will recognise this, an icy Mega Kamex created by Kazu Sae in Fujiyoshida, near Mount Fuji.
He says he kept it maintained after work for several days.
Haunting or not, No-Face seems to have been a popular choice. This one was made by acupuncturist Tsubasa Shintani outside his workplace in Komono in Mie prefecture, central Japan.
Much more cheery and equally popular was Totoro, from another Studio Ghibli classic, My Neighbour Totoro. This one created by the husband of Instagram user xiakia, who likes to come up with a new snowman idea every year.
Sadly the sunshine is more likely to carry him off to another place than the umbrella he flies with in the film.
Masayuki Kamachi in Furano in Hokkaido, Japan’s chilly northern island, had the bright idea to have his Totoro wait at a bus stop, as the character does in the film.
No word on whether a snowy “cat bus” came to pick him up though.
In the Attack on Titan manga series, man-eating giants called Titans stalk the earth, and what remains of humankind is cowering behind vast walls in a dystopian future.
Fortunately any terror induced by this Titan will only last until the next warm day. But till then, this ice monster by Instagram user beta58a330 might give you a bit of a fright if you spot it through the winter gloom.

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