June 24, 2018

Sir Ben Kingsley loves working alongside his wife

Sir Ben Kingsley

Sir Ben Kingsley loves working with his wife.

The acclaimed actor – who has been married to Daniela Lavender since 2007 and appears alongside her in ‘Learning to Drive’ – admitted he relishes the opportunity to appear on screen with his wife and loves watching her star in movies.

Asked how he enjoyed the experience of working with Daniela, Ben said: “Really great … It’s always a joy to see her on screen. We are about to work again on a marvellous picture called ‘Backstabbing for Beginners’. It’s about the United Nations oil-for-food scandal, just before the Gulf War, 2002-03.”

In the movie, Ben stars as a taxi-driving Sikh and the British actor revealed how he approached playing the unusual role.

He said: “I have met one or two Sikh’s in my life, spent time with them. I think I have to refine it down to the simple fact that he is a warrior. Sikh’s are a warrior caste. You have to imagine them wearing a sword, if you see what I mean.

“The sword and the turban go together. I always pictured Darwan in some kind of uniform. There’s something military, something pedagogical about him too … but overall, profoundly decent.”

Meanwhile, the 72-year-old actor also revealed he still has vivid memories of his own driving instructor, describing him as a “charming man”.

The Oscar-winning star told Total Film magazine: “I can remember my second instructor, with whom I passed. He was daring, great fun, a charming man. A real teacher. And again, I learnt more than just driving from him.

“There was something very life-affirming and gentle and affectionate about him. And you didn’t feel you were being tested or examined. You felt something was being imparted about being on the road with other people.”

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