April 21, 2018

Sick terrorists could down planes using DRONES, says military expert

Near misses between jets and the unmanned machines are already happening on a weekly basis and already pose a significant risk to holidaymakers, according to terror specialist Colin Smith.

The former US military advisor also warned that terror groups such as Islamic State – also known as Da’esh – could use drones to display propaganda on high profile events such as Remembrance Sunday.

A drone helicopter carrying a political message sparked riots at a Euro 2016 qualifying match between Serbia and Albania in Belgrade last October.

And Smith – who spent a year advising Iraqi police after the fall of Saddam Hussein – warned opportunist terrorists could do the same in the UK.

He said of the incident, which saw a divisive Albanian flag flown over the field of play: “As an embarrassment factor, change that to an ISIS flag and fly that down Whitehall during Remembrance Sunday.

“Who’s going to be able to stop that flag being flown? It is a real and current problem.”

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