April 25, 2019

Shooting incident near University of Illinois, stabbings in Boston – reports

Reports were emerging on Sunday of a shooting incident on the campus of the University of Illinois in the US. Shots were fired in an alleyway and the shooter has left the area, police say, according to RT.

RT also reported that six people were stabbed early Sunday on Tremont Street in the Theatre District of Boston,according to the Boston Globe. One of those wounded is critical and in surgery, the newspaper said, citing police.

The Daily Express said first reports in Illinois said at least five to nine people were shot after gunfire was heard in an alleyway at the US university’s Champaign campus. Reports two people have died are as yet unconfirmed.

In Illinois an alert sent out by police on Sunday morning urged locals to stay away from the area and said more information is to come, the paper said.

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