June 19, 2018

Seven babies found DEAD in house

The scene of the shocking discovery

A HORRIFIED doctor answering an emergency call has found seven dead babies wrapped in towels and stuffed in carrier bags. The dead tots, which police believe to number seven, were found in the town of Wallenfels in Germany, near the Czech border.

A hunt is on for the former resident of the Bavarian house, a 45-year-old woman, who was not there when police discovered the bodies. Reports suggested some of the babies were on the ground floor, while other corpses had been dumped in the attic.

Latest information indicates that the babies were all found on the ground floor, in a sauna being used as a store room. A local woman found one dead baby yesterday afternoon, and called the authorities, who then made the shocking discovery of several more babies. Other reports suggest it was an emergency doctor who raised the alarm.

According to a police spokeswoman, the bodies were wrapped in paper towels or plastic bags. Some of the corpses appear to have been as much as a few years old.

Examinations “will take some time in view of their poor condition, in some cases,” and results shouldn’t be expected before the beginning of next week, a police spokesman added.

Authorities have been unable to track down the 45-year-old woman, but are questioning several other people, police said.

It is unclear how long the babies had been dead or who, if anyone, was living there at the time of the discovery.

German media reported that a couple with several children had been living in the property but had recently separated.

The town’s mayor, Jens Korn, said residents were stunned, adding: “This incident has occurred in this safe little world and now many people here are touched and sad about it.”

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