March 26, 2019

Schapelle Corby: Drug trafficker deported from Bali

55Convicted Australian drug trafficker Schapelle Corby is being deported from Indonesia after nine years in prison and three years on parole.
The former beauty therapist was arrested in 2004 at Bali airport with 4.2 kg of marijuana hidden in surfing gear, and sentenced the next year.
Her case outraged many Australians, with some viewing her sentence as too harsh, and affected foreign relations between Australia and Indonesia.
She proclaimed innocence throughout.
Hundreds of police officers were deployed to assist with Corby’s departure. Her sister Mercedes, who lives in Indonesia, shielded her from journalists’ cameras as they walked to a car.
Corby then posted video on Instagram of the media scrum seen behind the vehicle’s tinted windows.
She was taken in a convoy from her Bali villa to the airport, to catch a flight to Brisbane.
Drugs, a circus and an anticipated return
Why Schapelle’s story gripped Australia
She also posted a picture of her dogs, saying she would miss them, and of friends she has made in Indonesia.
Indonesia’s drug laws are much stricter than Australia’s with no distinction being drawn between marijuana and other drugs including heroin and cocaine.
In 2015 two other Australians were executed after being found guilty of smuggling drugs.
In Australia Corby has commanded public sympathy as local media followed her struggles with mental illness behind bars. However in Indonesia she is seen as a criminal.
Bali corrections chief Surung Pasaribu said: “We will pray for her that she will repent. God wants humans to return to the right path.”
Ms Corby’s sentence was cut by five years after an appeal to the Indonesian president, and she also received several remissions for good behaviour.
Although she was released from prison in 2014, she could not leave Bali under her parole conditions for three years.
Corby was the subject of a 2007 documentary, “Ganja Queen”, produced by Janine Hosking.

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