July 22, 2018

Saudi mother-in-law orders bride to divorce her son after she kissed a camel

A SAUDI man’s mother demanded he divorce his wife after the bride kissed a camel in front of her.

The woman said she urged him to divorce on social and religious grounds.

Although the couple are still together, the wife is now too scared to return to her husband’s home where her mother-in-law also lives.

The couple said they want to remain together, but the woman felt her mother-in-law was using the camel kiss as an excuse to attack her.

A Saudi newspaper quoted the wife as saying: “I love my husband and want to be with him forever…but I am not ready to live with his mother again.”

She added that the camel story was a cover for the fact she had not had a baby, adding that she hoped the dispute could be resolved so she could live in peace with her husband.

The woman said the camel kiss, which occurred at the unnamed family’s home west of Riyadh, was a spontaneous reaction to how much money the animals were generating.

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