February 23, 2019

SAS sending to Syria with a kill list of 20 to jihadis

A British military source revealed last night that the SAS(Special Air Service) will be sent to Syria with a kill list of 20 to jihadis.

The kill mission is part of renewed efforts to eliminate Islamic State commanders in Syria and will happen regardless of the outcome of Wednesday’s vote in parliament.

A mother of two from Kent, who has made herself invaluable to IS, is believed to be among the targets.

Other moves will include the deploying of Britain’s most sophisticated nuclear submarine into the eastern Mediterranean, armed and ready to launch a Tomahawk cruise missile strike on IS’s Raqqa power base.

Around 40 members of the SAS are already supporting US Special Forces in Syria but that number is to be doubled after defence chiefs ordered the head of Britain’s special forces to focus all efforts against IS jihadis in Iraq and Syria.

Though the force will take part in a range of missions, its main task will be to target key British extremists.

While the names on the kill list remain secret, they are believed to include Sally Jones, from Chatham, Kent, who converted to Islam and uses the name Sakinah Hussain.

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