April 20, 2018

Russian warship fires warning shots at Turkish trawler to avoid collision

A Russian warship has been forced to fire warning shots at a Turkish fishing vessel to avoid the two boats colliding, the defence ministry in Moscow has confirmed.

Russian state media reported that the Smetlivy, a military vessel, fired the shots across the bow of an unnamed Turkish boat after they passed within 500 metres of each other.

Russia’s defence ministry has reportedly summoned the Turkish military attache to Moscow to discuss the incident, which allegedly came after the fishing vessel failed to respond to earlier warnings.

The incident comes as relations between the two countries have become increasingly strained since Turkey shot down a Russian fighter plane near its border with Syria.

The Russian defence ministry said on Sunday that the Smetlivy, a guided missile destroyer, was unable to establish radio contact with the approaching Turkish trawler, which also failed to respond to visual signals and flares.

So when the two were 600 metres away, the destroyer fired and the Turkish vessel quickly changed course, passing within 540 metres.

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