June 22, 2018

Russian plane crushed by bomb placed under the seat

Moscow’s FSB secret service says that Russian tourist jet plane was crushed by bomb which was set under a seat of a passenger.

Chemical and other forensic tests have narrowed down the the epicentre of the explosion to rows 30 or 31 on the Airbus A321, according to a report in major news source LifeNews.

“Investigators and secret service experts managed to locate the seat under which the terrorists planted the bomb which destroyed Airbus A321,” said the report in the pro-Kremlin media.

They believe that an explosive device was “likely” planted under seats 30A or 31A, stated the report.

“The bomb which was equal to one kilo of TNT exploded and its forces went forwards and hit the rows up to 27. The wave went slightly backwards too and hit the row 32.

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