March 21, 2019

Russia sends more jets to Syria in bid to evict ISIS

Vladimir Putin is set to boost Russia’s mission to wipe out the depraved Islamic State terror group by sending more warplanes to Syria.

He will also send more troops to the war-torn country – two months after Russia launched a barrage of airstrikes against ISIS targets.

The al-Shayrat air base – near the central city of Homs – is already home to several Russian attack helicopters and a team of around 60 soldiers.

Moscow is expected to open a second airbase soon to accommodate the new jets and troops intent on destroying the militants.

Officials reportedly brought new equipment to the hub – which boasts around 45 plane hangars – last month to prepare for its opening.

Each hangar is “fortified in a way that prevents any damage if it is shelled or targeted”, according to a military insider.

He added: “It also has a main runway and a three-kilometre backup runway that engineering teams are working to prepare.”

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