July 22, 2018

Russia gives France a puppy to replace brave police dog who died during Paris siege.

Russian police handed over the puppy, named Dobrynya, to the French ambassador in Moscow, in a special ceremony.

Dobrynya replaces Diesel, a seven-year-old Belgian shepherd, who was killed in a French police raid targeting the suspected mastermind of the Paris attacks in November.

Russia’s Interior Ministry gave Dobryny, a German shepherd puppy named after a Russian fairy-tale knight to French Ambassador Jean-Maurice Ripert.
Brave Diesel died instantly when police stormed Abdelhamid Abaaoud’s lair and his handler, who did not wish to be identified revealed Diesel was due to retire next spring after years of service.

Diesel was on the frontline of the counter terrorism team and was trained to sniff out explosives but was tragically killed when a suicide bomber refused to surrender and detonated a bomb at a property in Saint Denis

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