September 19, 2018

Russia deploys more S-400 air-defence missile system in Syria

Russia has deployed advanced S-400 air-defence missile system in Syria as it’s jet plane downed by Turkey. The surviving pilot from the Russian jet shot down by Turkey while conducting a mission in northern Syria has insisted his aircraft had received no warnings and had not violated Turkish airspace.

Konstantin Murakhtin, who parachuted from the plane and was rescued by Syrian special forces working with the Lebanese militia Hezbollah, said he knew exactly the plane’s location when it came under fire. “Our entire flight, to the moment we were attacked, was under my command,” he told Russian state television.

“I had my eye on the map and on the terrain below, and I could see where the border was and where we were. In actual fact, there was no warning – neither a radio warning nor a visual one. There was no contact at all. So we kept on our combat course as usual.”–Russian surviving pilot says.

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