September 26, 2018

Ridley Scott says his three ‘Prometheus’ sequels will tell ‘Alien’

‘Prometheus’ Sequels

While ‘Prometheus’ was previously described as the first chapter in the ‘Alien’ prequel trilogy, Scott now hints that there will be three sequels to the 2012 movie.

There’s apparently a lot of stories to be told about the origin of aliens that can’t be contained in just three movies. “Prometheus” was previously described as the first in the “Alien” prequel trilogy, but now director Ridley Scott hints that there will be three more films before the story links to the original 1979 “Alien”.

As he begins his pre-production for the “Prometheus” sequel titled “Alien: Covenant”, Scott details how he will uncover the origin of aliens. “It’s a very complex story. It’s an evolution of what I first did with ‘Prometheus 1’,” he says of the upcoming movie which will tell the story of the crew of the colony ship Covenant.

He adds, ” ‘Prometheus 1’ was borne out of my frustration that on ‘Alien 1’ in 1979 – I only did one as I don’t normally do sequels. I was amazed that in the 3 that followed that no-one asked the question ‘why the Alien, who made it and why?’ Very basic questions. So I came up with the notion of ‘Prometheus 1’, which starts to indicate who might have made it and where it came from.”

Scott goes on sharing, “So I’m now going to the next one, which is the next evolution directly connected with the first one, which was this Shaw, when he replaced Michael Fassbender in two pieces and we’ll kind of pick it up there and it will evolve. When that’s finished there’ll be another one and then another one which will gradually drive into the back entrance of the film in 1979.”

“So in other words, why was this space jockey there and why did he have an Alien inside him? And those questions will be answered,” the British filmmaker promises.

“Alien: Covenant” will be filmed in Sydney beginning in March with Fassbender set to reprise his role as the android David. Elizabeth (Noomi Rapace) will also appear briefly in the movie. Other cast members have not been announced. The film is scheduled to arrive in the U.S. on October 16, 2017.

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