November 20, 2018

REVEALED: Desperate ISIS using FAKE Twitter accounts to make ideology seem more popular

DESPERATE Islamic State (ISIS) hackers are creating FAKE Twitter followers to make their hate-filled doctrine seem more appealing to disillusioned Westerners, it can be revealed tonight.

The twisted jihadis have created an army on online bots which automatically retweet their Islamist bile and watch sick beheading videos on YouTube, vastly distorting the apparent levels of support for the terrorist group.

The revelations came as defence experts warned that ISIS will increasingly look to inspire lone wolf terror attacks in the West as it continues to lose grounds in its Middle Eastern heartlands.

She will say: “While air strikes are degrading their positions in Iraq and Syria, Daesh are fighting a second war for the hearts and minds of the next generation, spreading a warped world-view online.

“They understand their audience, their grievances and how to exploit them. They typically prey on the young, marginalised and vulnerable. Often still in school they are persuaded to leave their families to pursue an apocalyptic dream or to take action that threatens safety and security at home.

“The generation most at risk are the first generation to grow up more technologically literate than their parents and teachers, who live their lives almost constantly connected to digital devices. This leaves them open and susceptible to influences online where they are not monitored or supervised. Open to opinions in an uncontested space.”

In the aftermath of the Paris massacre European authorities launched a huge crackdown on ISIS propaganda which saw 78 internet TV channels broadcasting in 12 different languages shut down.

“While Daesh and others seek to undermine the very ideals and values that the Internet was established to advance, we must reinforce its capacity to be the answer to hatred and intolerance, rather than be the vehicle for it.

“If governments continue to approach this fight alone as ‘nation states’, each country effectively re-invents the same strategies and tries to attack the enemy within their territory when in fact, your products and platforms reach across the boundaries of all nations.”

This week it emerged that security services have stopped more than 600 radicalised young Britons from leaving the country to join ISIS in Syria.

Foreign secretary Philip Hammond said vast improvements have been made to cut off the supply of foreign soldiers to the group, adding that their manpower on the ground is becoming “very thin”.

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