September 20, 2018

Promising medical student killed herself after making film screaming about boyfriend

A UNIVERSITY medical student took an overdose of antidepressants after recording videos on her laptop about her boyfriend and googling how to say goodbye to loved ones.

Ezgi Serce, 18, who was in her first year of a pharmaceutical degree at Kingston University in Surrey was found dead in the house she shared with students after taking an overdose of the drug, Amitriptyline.

Her family became concerned for her wellbeing when her cousin warned them she was ‘upset’, the day before she died.

She was found dead at her shared house in New Malden, wearing a grey onesie.

Police found videos that Ms Serce had made where she was talking and screaming about her relationship with her boyfriend

In the third video, the teenager said she was ‘very upset’ and said her boyfriend ‘should go and be happy with anyone he likes’.

During the videos, the sound of pills being removed from packaging could be heard.

The young medical student had searched on her laptop the effects of taking Amitriptyline and also googled “how to say goodbye to everyone around you.”

Her last words heard in the video were “f*** this, f*** this.”

The inquest was also told that she had suffered several failed pregnancies.

After one of her failed pregnancies, in 2013, she took an overdose of drugs and was diagnosed with depression.

Tributes were paid to the daughter of businessman Ismet Serce at her funeral in January at the Alevi Cultural Centre in Dalston, East London. Other family members attended from Germany, France, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

Turkey’s Consul General in London Emirhan Yorulmazlar was among those paying his condolences at the service.

West London Coroner Chinyere Inyama said: “It is quite clear to me from these details, by her taking the medication to excess, there was an intention and it is quite clear she had concerns in her life and stresses in her life.

“Just before she did this act she made videos, found on her laptop, concerning her boyfriend.”

He also noted that she had previously tried to take her own life “using the same medication before” and there was no third party involvement.

The coroner added: “I am satisfied to the point I can be sure that she died as a result of suicide.”

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