March 21, 2018

Prince William joins schoolchildren for lunch on first day back as air ambulance pilot


PRINCE William made a surprise visit to a school to enjoy a roast chicken lunch during his first day back at work as an air ambulance pilot.

Excited pupils and staff could not believe their eyes when the future king landed his helicopter at John Henry Newman School’s playing fields in Stevenage.

Students at the school are used to seeing the air ambulance use the playing fields as a makeshift helipad because it is next to the Lister Hospital in Stevenage, Hertfordshire.

But when they walked into the canteen for lunch and saw the Royal tucking into the school meal, there were many shocked faces.

He sat and spoke to some year 11 pupils as he ate roast chicken with cauliflower cheese and vegetables but stayed away from pudding

Headteacher Clive Mathew, said: “It’s bizarre, but it’s true, yes.

“The site is regularly used by the air ambulance because it’s near Lister Hospital in Stevenage.

“We clear everything away and they land. We never had anything like this happen before, though.

“We offered the prince and his colleagues lunch and they accepted – it was roast chicken, which they liked – and then he spoke to some of the students, particularly the year 11s, and then they went.

“Everyone was very excited, as you can imagine, those who had a conversation with him especially.

“He sat with me and some year 11 pupils and they asked him if he had enjoyed the Christmas holidays and he told the students he’d had a lovely time.

“He was really nice and it was lovely the visit was so spontaneous. I think it made the students’ year to have a conversation with the future king.”

The Prince donated the cost of his meal to the school’s children’s charity, Mr Mathew said.

After a three week Christmas break, Prince William returned to work yesterday with the East Anglian Air Ambulance where he has been working as a pilot since July last year.

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