June 18, 2018

‘Pretty Little Liars’ 6.12 Preview: The Girls Already Suspected in the Latest Death

Pretty Little Liars

A police officer asks Alison if her friends were involved in the recent death while Emily, Hanna and Spencer want Aria to explain what happened the night the murder took place.

The girls’ peaceful years ended in the midseason premiere of “Pretty Little Liars”. In “Of Late I Think of Rosewood”, Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer were summoned to Rosewood to give their opinion on whether Charlotte should be released from the hospital.

Despite Aria’s statement against Charlotte’s release, she got out but she couldn’t enjoy her freedom for a long time. In less than a day, she died and her body was found outside the Rosewood church. While it appeared to be a suicide at first, autopsy revealed that she was already dead before she was thrown from the bell tower.

In a preview for next week’s outing, the Liars quickly turn against their own as questions arise regarding the new mystery. Emily, Hanna and Spencer want to know what Aria did the night Charlotte died. Meanwhile, a police officer asks Alison if she thought her friends had anything to do with Charlotte’s murder.

According to the official synopsis, “as the girls are forced to stay in Rosewood, questions about the new mystery surface. A restless Aria starts to look suspicious as she heads back to Boston a little too quickly. But could Aria really be the one behind this? As Spencer, Emily and Hanna find themselves back in familiar territory, they aren’t happy with going about solving thispuzzle ‘the old way.’ Meanwhile, Emily continues to lie about her life in California and Alison keeps a close eye on her friends.”

“Charlotte’s Web” airs Tuesday, January 19 at 8 P.M. ET on Freeform.

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