March 23, 2018

One-Minute Party Hairstyles for Long Hair

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Lazy girls, rejoice. These sexy hairdos take less than a minute to pull together.

Clip up half A
All you need for this nifty hairdo is a hair clip and a creative streak. Pull up a section of hair on either the left or the right side, or pull the front section back and clip it at the crown. Tease the hair at the crown before you pull it back for volume.

5-Second top knot
Hide your frizz with a top knot. Gather your hair into a high ponytail and twist it into a bun. To smoothen it out, apply a shine serum. Embellish the knot with beads. You will look cool and relaxed without giving away last night’s escapades.

Low pony
The low ponytail is a glamorous yet low maintenance style and needs a minute to create. Spray your hair and smooth it down. Pull it into a low-slung pony that sits on the nape of the neck. Attach a floral or a studded decorative pin over the band to look party-ready.

Team it with: A structured ensemble or a skirt-and-jacket combination. Even Kate Middleton swears by this style when she’s going from a day event to a brunch.

Team it with:
A feminine knee-length dress or even a jumpsuit. This is a versatile hairdo that looks effortless with androgynous outfits, too.

Team it with:
A sequinned maxi dress and an animal print coat to keep warm. Feather dusters or long danglers on your ears will make things ultra sexy.

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