April 19, 2018

Paris Tragedy: latest evidence hints out to wider intrigue

Police mounting the early morning raid

A new evidence from the investigation into the Paris attacks refers to a intrigue significantly wider than the nine jihadis thought to have carried out the killings and that was orchestrated primarily by disaffected young Europeans.

Arrests of eight people following St-Denis raid suggest existence of a circle of sympathetic ‘enablers’ drawn from disaffected young Europeans.

Seven men and a woman were detained in the aftermath of Wednesday morning’s shootout in the Paris suburb of St-Denis, including the tenant of the apartment that was the focus of the police raid, Jawad Bendaoud, who told journalists he had been asked by a friend to put up “two of his mates for a few days”. He said all he knew is “they came from Belgium”.

The St-Denis detentions bring to 10 the number of people being held in connection with Friday night’s assault on Paris. Two Belgians, Mohammed Amri and Hamza Attou, have been charged in Brussels with complicity in the attacks and participation in terrorist activity. They have admitted driving to Paris to pick up one of the attackers, a friend from the Molenbeek neighbourhood of Brussels, and escorting him back home.

That attacker, Salah Abdeslam, is still at large, but French police distributed to their European counterparts the details and number plate of a Citroen Xsara, which they believe he may be driving. Dutch police also revealed he had been arrested in the Netherlands in February for possession of cannabis.

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